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As we always quote “No job is completed before all the paperwork is done”

With this in mind it is our total guarantee that each and every Rupiah donated will 100% benefit the porters or their children. Please find below each and every transaction made towards the Sulfur Porters of Kawah Ijen.


Please do find below a detailed listing with all transactions that took place in 2014. Should at any stage you have any questions or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact me directly at your earliest convenience.

Thank you all very much for your terrific support and encouragements.

a. Donations received from Bali
b. Donations received from Switzerland
c. Donations received Global
d. Funds provided by Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School
e. Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast


For donations please do use the following accounts. Please do mention Kawah Ijen Children fund and then contact our office directly confirming your payments. Once we receive the funds we will immediately confirm your kind contribution.

Thank you so very much for your kind contribution


  • Heinz von Holzen
  • ANZ Bank
  • 23 Sunshine Beach Road
  • Nusa Heads 4567
  • Account # 51109953
  • BSB # 014672


  • Heinz von Holzen
  • HSBC Bank Singapore
  • US$ Account
  • Account # 243045317270
  • Swift Code # HSBCSGSG


  • Heinz von Holzen
  • Raiffeisenbank Vierwaldstaettersee Sued Genossenschaft
  • Geschaeftsstelle Ennetbuergen
  • Buochserstrasse 1a
  • CH- 6373 Ennetbuergen
  • IBAN: CH7881222000009588760
  • BC-Nr. 81222
  • Swift-Bic # RAIFCH22C22


  • Welcome to Trekking and Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

    Unfortunately Indonesia is far too often for the wrong reasons in the lime light of the world press. Terror, tsunamis, earthquakes, destructions of rain forest and corruption seem to be the favorite subject of the media. To my great disappointment far too few people talk about the incredible cultural diversity of the nation, the enormous size, and totally forget to focus on the unbelievable beauty of this great nation.
Beside the incredible beauty of Indonesia, a nation is only as good as its inhabitants. I cannot think of another place on earth where you would find so many incredible kind people that will be delighted to look after you in a way normally only kings and royalty are treated.
 Hopefully these colorful stories will encourage many readers to pack a good pair of quality hiking boots and a backpack big enough to store the impressions of the countless memorable discoveries awaiting one throughout Indonesia. Selamat Jalan and happy trekking Heinz von Holzen Trekking @ Indonesian Trekking Adventure
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