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Please Help

During our journeys to East Java we have met, and become friends with many of these porters. We then have made a committed  to help these brutally hard working miners and their families as often as possible with clothes and some financial assistance. At least 4 times a year we load up a small truck full of essentials, 300 parcles with clothing and drive for four hours across Bali. In Gilimanuk we board a ferry for a short 1 1/2 hour cruise across the Strait of Gilimanuk before heading for another two hours into the highlands of East Java to reach the remote but exceptionally picturesque caldera of Kawah Ijen.


Obviously we always have plenty of empty space on our pick up truck and as a result we work hard to fill up all the empty space with your no longer needed clothes. We are certain that in your wardrobe you have plenty of linen that you have not worn for the past 12 months, making it an absolute nuisance to keep them any longer. They get dusty moldy and for certain they are badly out of fashion. As you very well know, we always run out of storage areas in our homes and periodic clearing is definitely most welcome. Please keep in mind that the mining area for the sulfur is at an elevation between  1700 meters up to 2100 metres over sea level and as such nights can be bitterly cold. This again means that even winter or baby clothes are most welcome. Unfortunately ball room dresses and high heal shoes are not of much use……

  • Welcome to Trekking and Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

    Unfortunately Indonesia is far too often for the wrong reasons in the lime light of the world press. Terror, tsunamis, earthquakes, destructions of rain forest and corruption seem to be the favorite subject of the media. To my great disappointment far too few people talk about the incredible cultural diversity of the nation, the enormous size, and totally forget to focus on the unbelievable beauty of this great nation.
Beside the incredible beauty of Indonesia, a nation is only as good as its inhabitants. I cannot think of another place on earth where you would find so many incredible kind people that will be delighted to look after you in a way normally only kings and royalty are treated.
 Hopefully these colorful stories will encourage many readers to pack a good pair of quality hiking boots and a backpack big enough to store the impressions of the countless memorable discoveries awaiting one throughout Indonesia. Selamat Jalan and happy trekking Heinz von Holzen Trekking @ Indonesian Trekking Adventure
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