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    Unfortunately Indonesia is far too often for the wrong reasons in the lime light of the world press. Terror, tsunamis, earthquakes, destructions of rain forest and corruption seem to be the favorite subject of the media. To my great disappointment far too few people talk about the incredible cultural diversity of the nation, the enormous size, and totally forget to focus on the unbelievable beauty of this great nation.
Beside the incredible beauty of Indonesia, a nation is only as good as its inhabitants. I cannot think of another place on earth where you would find so many incredible kind people that will be delighted to look after you in a way normally only kings and royalty are treated.
 Hopefully these colorful stories will encourage many readers to pack a good pair of quality hiking boots and a backpack big enough to store the impressions of the countless memorable discoveries awaiting one throughout Indonesia. Selamat Jalan and happy trekking Heinz von Holzen Trekking @ Indonesian Trekking Adventure
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  • Gunung Ebulobo – Flores

    There are many volcanoes that we have climbed in Indonesia and would not consider to climb again. Not so Gunung Ebulobo, as I am certain that one day I will
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  • Gunung Inerie – Flores

    Each section offers its own challenges. The first half hour is relatively flat across dry grassland with a solid hard track. Then the next hour leads on a very steep
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  • Gunung Kelimutu – Flores

    It is believed that spirits come to Kelimutu when people die. The maE  (spirit) would leave its village and remain in Kelimutu forever, before entering one of the lakes. The
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